Richard concentrated on bringing Southwark Council to it's knees for a few years before opening Balfe's Bikes in Dulwich in 2008. Since then has tried to provide the best bike shop in town. Many lessons down the line the main aim is to provide the best service and the best value repairs available. Richard's main aim for the shops is to offer low-cost high value servicing without a waiting list and to eventually offer the cheapest labour rates in the market. Richard's main personal aim is to have a shed to build bikes in and own a Rover P4. Richard has just become a dad to twins, George and Henry.

Ben is Cytech three qualified and pretty experienced in all forms of cycling. If you ever need any advice stop by and talk to Ben, he'll happily talk racks, childseats, irregular sqeak and anything else you might like to bend his ear about! Ben brings with him a great deal of knowledge and being a hands on mechanic as well as manager he keeps standards high in our Kennington workshop.

Our manager in Dulwich. Kieran brings organisation and gives the shop floor real emphasis. Kieran is our main fitter for the company and has been trained to Level two standard by Cyclefit in Covent Garden. This qualifies Kieran to fit for time trialists as well as roadies, commuters, couriers, you name it! Every cyclist can improve their ride with a good fit, after all, you don't sink into an un-comfortable armchair at the end of the day do you!

Sam joined us in August 2012 to manage our new Streatham shop. Sam is an excellent bmx'er and proper bike-nut. Sam came from the Covent Garden Specialized bike shop where he has worked on some really high end road stuff, truth is though Sam is at home on any kind of bike and is an all round pleasant guy to know. Drop into Streatham and say hello.

Glen has now been with us for two years. He came from Bike Hut in the City but we were closer to home so he decided to work for us instead! Glen has a tenacious thirst for knowledge about all things mechanical and fully understands the bikes he works on. He is an asset to the company although his jokes are abysmal so you need watch out for those. Glen is training towards his Cytech three qualification although knows it all already so is officially the only Cytech 2.5 mechanic out there.

Tom has been with us since May 2012. He is very good with customers and has very high standards in the workshop. Rides everywhere Tom is never without his bike. Tom is working towards his Cycle-systems level three qualification which is equivalent to Cytech level three. Tom is already an asset to our shop who always greet you with a smile.

Trevor cut his teeth at Pearson's in Sutton. Trevor is with us to progress his career and offer great mechanical skills in our Streatham shop. Trevor enjoys riding off road and collects old MTB's. Last count 12 bikes which is apparently the only reason he needs a two bed flat. Trevor has also built his own bike from tubing upwards. Trevor will hopefully play a part in the long-term frame building ambitions of Balfe's Bikes.

Bobby joined us as an apprentice after he privately funded himself through an expensive City and Guilds bike maintenance course. Bobby has marched on and is now quite adept in the workshop, we are looking forward to progressing Bobby through the Cycle-Systems academy training courses. Bobby is shortly to become our first permanent call-out mobile bicycle mechanic.

Yes Nev is SO good that we only get to have him on Tuesdays in Dulwich. Nev is a qualified cycle instructor and Cytech three mechanic and one of the best we know. Nev is a great trouble shooter for us and is our go to man for Bromptons.

Stephen is our creative force in Dulwich, he has transformed our workshop in such a short period of time and really believes in keeping all our customers on their bikes by turning round servicing quickly and keeping in touch. Along with Kieran, Stephen has been behind some big changes in Dulwich and is doing a great job at making us more productive and cutting our waiting times for servicing.

Tim is with us Thursdays and again, a bit like Nev he is too good for us to be able to have him the whole time, so we share him with his very own mobile servicing company, We are yet to see anything Tim can't handle so are quite happy to throw (pass nicely) anything his way. Tim is also Cytech three qualified so knows his Jaffa Cakes from his Hob Nobs.

Saturday boy *2. Michael comes and works for us on Saturdays in Dulwich, always on hand and willing to help Michael keeps busy when the shop is full and makes a mean cup of tea when it isn't. Michael has learnt a lot about building bikes over the last few months and has completed two of his own, keep up the collecting!