Christmas is the time to exchange gifts, big or small, expensive or not, even a secret Santa gift but many when faced with buying a gift for a cyclist are overwhelmed by the choices. So what do you get for the person who spends more time on two wheels than two feet, browse our curated pot of cycling gift ideas or read on for more inspiration. 

Cleaning Products: If they spend plenty of time on their bike, they might appreciate a cleaning kit or products to help keep their pride and joy looking pristine and the envy of their mates. With chain cleaners, bike cleaners, chain lube or brushes to help remove the dirt, there is a huge choice. They are the sort of products that will last a while so will be valued for many months. 

Multi-Tools: Problems or adjustments may need to be made whilst they are riding, a multi-tool can save the day. As the name suggests, each unit will have a variety of tools included. Some tools are designed to be carried in your pocket, backpack or saddlebag and range from the basic setup to tools that feature hex tools, screwdrivers, chain tools and tyre levers.  

If they have bought a new bike recently or are worried about security at home or work, then a decent lock is a must for any cyclist. Available in many guises from D-locks to D-locks and cables with gold security ratings, there will be a lock to keep their bike safe. 

Any cyclist who has had a puncture will attest to this, there is nothing worse than replacing your inner tube and then finding you do not have a pump to finish the job. Hand pumps are small enough to place in a jersey pocket or backpack so easy to transport. If they are at home then inflating tyres can be taken care of with a track pump, these are able to reach higher pressure with less effort making the task straightforward. 

Lights are necessary through the darker months but can also be extremely useful in daylight, helping cyclists to be seen by other road users. Front and rear lights can be bought individually or as a set. Most LED lights are rechargeable, so they only require a USB cable, easy to charge at work or home via a laptop. 

Packs and luggage options for bikes have changed dramatically. Saddlebags have always been a go-to option for carrying spare tubes or tools. But with adventure and gravel riding gaining in popularity, the options have increased. Saddlebags have morphed into mini holdalls that extend beyond your saddle, capable of carrying plenty of luggage. Should they need to carry more you might want to consider a handlebar bag. 

If your budget can stretch a bit further, then your options open up considerably. To ensure they record all their rides to discuss in detail with anyone who will listen or to ensure they do not get lost, a GPS Computer will keep track of all their ride data. They can be linked to heart rate monitors and power meters to provide more information to be analysed after each ride. 

If you are really not sure or the person you are buying for is very specific, then you could always use a gift voucher.

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