Cycling glasses offer several benefits

Endura cycling glasses for all conditions
Glasses offer several benefits

Wherever you are riding, your eyes have a lot of work to do. Cycling glasses offer several benefits. They can help protect your eyes from the sun’s rays, dust, debris, insects, and anything else you might encounter on a ride. Even if the weather turns, they can help keep the worst of the wind and rain out of your eyes.  

Cycling glasses have been designed to perform in all conditions and over all terrain. Even when it gets bumpy, they will stay in place and the lens cover will vary depending on the model you choose but there are plenty of choices. Protection and visibility can be altered with different size lenses available to provide more coverage. Some glasses will come with a selection of lenses, suitable for different conditions. The variation in tint will help protect you from UV light on brighter, sunnier days or allow more light to filter through in dull or low light conditions. Additionally, a clear lens will work well if you ride in the dark or perhaps if rain is in the air. Some brands have developed lenses to work in specific light conditions.  

Photochromic lenses react to the light
Photochromic lenses react to the light conditions

Performance Glasses

Oakley introduced the Prism lens, designed to work in bright light by enhancing colour and contrast giving the rider the best possible view. Endura’s Photochromic lenses react to the light, minute adjustments that provide optimal vision regardless of the conditions. One thing you can be sure of in addition to great vision is a colour scheme to match any outfit.


It is not all performance glasses though; mountain bikers prefer goggles when charging over particularly uneven terrain. They come with straps much like ski goggles, so they stay in place whilst giving you a clear sight of the best lines. 

Casual Eyewear

Glasses are not confined to use on the bike either. You can benefit from using glasses off the bike too. A vast range of casual eyewear affords the same level of visibility in most light but with a touch more style and finesse. 

Cycling glasses offer several benefits
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