Lights for autumn/winter

If you are riding to work, out with friends or popping down to the shops during the period between autumn and winter you will need some lights. They are necessary if your journey is at either end of the day but can also be relied upon during the day to help you be seen by other road users. 

There is a variety of technology, styles, lumens and other features on offer. Depending on how far and well-lit your route is, these will all be factors in determining which lights will give you peace of mind and perform best. If your bike is locked up in a communal area or lockup, you might want to consider lights that are quick and easy to remove for security reasons.  

If you’re not sure what to look for in your lights, check our Lighting Buying Guide to help you navigate the many choices.  We’ve selected our top picks for riding safely this winter.

Cateye AMPP 500/VIZ 150 Bike Light Set 

Offers the perfect combination of powerful lighting, functionality and ease to fit. Both lights are rechargeable through a USB port and can be attached quickly by using the secure Cateye brackets, the Flextight on the front and the all-new snap system on the Viz 150.  

Both lights use Opticube lens technology that utilises LEDs to get fuller illumination and with several light modes, you’ll have enough light when and wherever you ride. 


Moon Mizar Front Light

The Mizar features 5 modes, 2 constant and 3 flash, with an output of 20 Lumens and a runtime of 8 hrs to daylight flash which runs at 100 Lumens for 30 hrs. A light memory mode lets you select your preferred setting and then use it constantly until you want to change it. The light is water-resistant and uses a quick-release magnetic bracket for simplicity. 

Moon Alcor Rear Light 

Much like the Mizar, the Alcor is the rear light equivalent. Small in stature but big on performance. 5 modes supply plenty of options from 2 constant to 3 flash modes. Ranging from 70 hrs to 30 hrs in flash mode, the light will supply plenty of run time. It has a handy battery indicator so no excuses for running out of power mid-ride and a cut-off system that will stop the light from charging once the battery has been fully replenished.  

Moon Gemini Front and Rear Light Set

This set is simple to attach and quick to charge. With 60 Lumens out front and 20 Lumens at the rear, the Moon Gemini lights can be charged using the USB connection and both lights are water resistant, so you will have no concerns when the weather changes. Both lights use a quick-release bracket so when you reach your destination you can quickly and easily remove them. These lights are all about practicality and have plenty of features including side visibility and battery life indicators.

Exposure Six Pack MK12

With a 5250-lumen output, the Exposure Six Pack is a great light for off-road use. It has been beefed up so you can focus on the riding. The new beam pattern has been widened to light up the trail far and wide. With runtimes between 2 and 36 hours, you’ll have light for all your riding. The Exposure Six Pack is full of technology to ensure your light is working optimally and always provides the best output in all conditions.  

Exposure Trace MK2 & TraceR with DayBright

If you have an urban commute, then the Exposure Trace Mk2 and TraceR with DayBright light set are both practical and effective. With DayBright technology you can ensure you are just as visible to other road users during the day as at night. The lightweight set has plenty of running time and can be charged by Micro USB cables, supplied. The included mounts make them easier to attach and remove everything you need from a light set. 

Lezyne LED Femto USB Drive Pair

Versatile, lightweight and rechargeable, the Lezyne LED Femto USB Drive Set is ideal for commuting in urban areas. The lights provide well over 180 degrees of visibility you can be assured you will stand out. Versatile mounts allow quick and easy attachment and both lights have an IPX7 water resistance rating.  

Lezyne Ebike Macro Drive 1000

Designed specifically for use with electric bikes, the Lezyne Ebike Macro Drive 1000 Lumen front light plugs into the batteries from top brands such as Bosch, Shimano and Yamaha. The Light comes with a direct X-Lock and an aluminium CNC fork mount with a 130cm long power cable. The lens uses MOR (maximum optical reflection) technology which includes built-in side visibility. The two LEDs provide up to 1000 lumens, more than enough light to illuminate your ride. 

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