If you’re not a regular cyclist, the idea of using a bicycle as your main source of transportation can be a daunting one. There are many factors that can put someone off cycling from A to B. Will I be fit enough to make it there and back? How much extra time do I need? What if there are no showers at the other end?

An e-bike puts many of these questions to rest. Even the steepest hills are no bother when you’ve got some electric assistance to help. It also speeds up your journey, and if you use the higher power modes means you can get to your destination without breaking a sweat.

Below we’ve highlighted some of our favourite electric bikes that would be perfect for your daily journeys.

Trek Fetch+ 2 Electric Cargo Bike

A compact cargo bike option for when you need to be able to carry larger loads than a standard bike would allow. This electric cargo bike can carry up to 80kg in the box so you could easily transport your shopping home or take the kids along for the ride.

This model is the same length as a standard bicycle, but offers so much more in terms of configuration. It’s a bike that is designed to grow with your family, and there are multiple options to best suit your needs as they develop.

In terms of e-bike tech, the Trek Fetch+ 2 comes with a Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System Motor that offers powerful acceleration, and a 500 Wh Bosch Powertube battery. Together they offer a reliable, powerful system with plenty of range!

Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0 Electric Hybrid Bike

The Specialized Turbo Vado SL is the perfect bike for those who need to be able to carry their bike up flights of stairs or manoeuvre it into tighter spaces. The lightweight Specialized SL 1.1 motor and 320Wh battery bring the weight down considerably vs. a standard electric bike meaning it is much easier to move around than its heavier full-fat counterpart.

You can also add a range extender, which will give you up to 120 miles of range in total. Like all electric bikes in the UK, the Vado SL will assist you up to 15.5mph.

Components wise, the 4.0 model offers a SRAM NX 11-speed drivetrain, with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. It also benefits from integrated front and rear lighting that runs off the power of the battery, allowing you to see and be seen.

Want to learn more about the benefits of lightweight vs full power electric bikes? Check out this article here https://www.balfesbikes.co.uk/blog/e-hybrid-bikes-lightweight-vs-full-powered/

Trek FX+ 2 Electric Hybrid Bike

Another lightweight electric bike on the list is the Trek FX+ 2. It was designed to make everyday excursions faster and more fun!

A 250W Hyena motor and 250Wh battery (optional range extender compatible), offer plenty of range to get you from A to B. The Hyena LED display also lets you monitor your battery charge and power level with ease. Trek state you can get up to 56Km per charge without the range extender – so more than enough for most daily trips.

The FX+2 benefits from 700c wheels with fast-rolling yet supportive 40c tyres, a 9-speed Shimano drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes. It also comes readily equipped with a rack and mudguards, making it easier than ever to commute and run your daily errands.

Trek Domane+ SLR 6 Di2 Electric Road Bike

If you’re looking for something high-end that also offers you electric assistance, then the Trek Domane+ SLR 6 Di2 electric road bike might be for you.

Crafted from Trek’s 800 series OCLV carbon, this frame beautifully hides a compact and refined motor that provides a natural feeling assist. On first glance, you wouldn’t notice that it’s an electric bike!

Trek say that a size 56 frame weighs around 12.5kg, so although heavier than a non-electric carbon road bike you’re still looking at something that is going to feel lightweight and responsive.

Like the non-electric Domane, this is a versatile bike that is ready to hit anything from smooth tarmac to rough gravel.

Shimano’s Di2 wireless electronic drivetrain delivers quick, crisp shifting and a range of carbon components helps further reduce the weight of the bike (as well as offering a stiff and responsive ride).

Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0 Step Through Electric Bike

This is a “Full-Fat” electric bike, running Specialized’s Turbo Full Power 2.0E Motor and a 530Wh battery.

If you’re less worried about fitness and more concerned by getting to A to B without desperately needing a shower at the other end, then riding this bike in the higher modes will help you achieve your goals. Of course, that’s not to say you can’t get a great workout on this bike too, but it is definitely a bike that will get you to your destination with ease if that’s what you’re looking for.

It also comes kitted out with DRYTECH fenders, LED front and rear lights and a 27kg capacity HD rack so you’re ready for all sorts of conditions and can carry whatever you need.

Spec wise you’ll be getting Shimano 9-speed gearing along with powerful hydraulic disc brakes for additional stopping power that accommodates the additional weight of an electric assisted bike.  

Trek Verve+ 1 Lowstep 500Wh Electric Hybrid Bike

The Verve+ 1 Lowstep is an electric hybrid bike that will give your daily cruises, commutes and workouts a boost via its powerful Bosch system. Enjoy all the best bits of riding without the stress of your fitness not being where you feel it should be.

The lowstep geometry is also fantastic for smaller riders, or those with limited mobility as it makes mounting and dismounting much simpler – you just step through onto or off the bike.

Brompton Electric C Line Urban Folding Bike

Brompton’s iconic bikes are handmade in London and are the perfect city commuting bike. Being compact and foldable means that you can take your bike with you if part of your journey involves public transport, and you can easily store it inside your home or under your desk at work.

The Brompton Urban Electric Folding Bike uses 2 gears which means less maintenance and lighter weight – ideal for flatter cities and strong legs in hilly places.

This model also comes equipped with Brompton mudguards and an integrated 40Lux Busch & Muller AVY LED front/rear lamp set powered by the main battery!

Above are some great electric options for getting from A to B. Which one floats your boat?

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