Looking to commute in comfort? Endura’s range of commuter friendly kit is the perfect option! We went out with Andy to shoot the Xtract range & Urban Luminite Helmet, and he kindly wrote up his thoughts after. Keep scrolling for more!

I’m a long term fan of Endura clothing – I was first drawn to their great value Humvee shorts when I first started off-road riding and found their versatility and comfort useful off the bike as well. My standard riding and casual shorts these days are a couple of pairs of the chino version of the Humvee shorts which, like the original version, can use a pair of clip-in padded liners for longer ventures out on the trails. 

I soon explored the range further and tried their top-of-the-range Pro-SL bibshorts because I naively thought that no self-respecting roadie would be seen dead in a pair of baggies while out on their Sunday Best bike. These bibs, good enough to be worn by World Tour Team, Movistar, were exceptional not least because they didn’t cost an arm and a leg (I do also applaud their ‘real world’ sizing, especially if you are just getting in to cycling and are disheartened by the prospect of having to pour yourself into a 2XL and still feel you look like a butcher’s bin bag/are in constant fear of the seams giving way under the potential pressure). Across the range, there are multiple sizing and fit options enabling you to be as comfortable as you want to be while still looking like the Boss on a Bike you are.

Another great thing that Endura do, and they’re not alone in this, is offer a complete range of clothing and accessories at different spec and budget levels. If you are happy to commit to the finest materials, best cut and design, then you can happily shop at their Pro-SL and MT range. If your financial cloth is cut slightly less generously, or you’re one to get best value per garment, you can still kit yourself out in excellent quality, practical attire and have enough spare cash for a croissant at the coffee stop.

At the entry point of their Road offerings, Endura have the Xtract range. I wouldn’t say however, that you get low spec kit. The cut of the Xtract short-sleeved jersey is more relaxed, suiting my less than athletic build, and their waist shorts are a practical alternative for riders and commuters who don’t want the complication of bibs. Their fit is even suited to wearing a pair of shorts or tights over the top if you want the extra cycle specific padding. 

I had a pootle around the local business district on a borrowed hybrid in the kit, but I decided to try it out on a longer ride to test its credentials. My ensemble was completed with a pair of Xtract Mitts and an Urban Luminite helmet and I ventured out after work on my gravel bike on one of the hottest afternoons of the year.

The gloves were superbly comfortable and soaked up the vibrations nicely. Despite the generosity of the cut, the jersey didn’t flap about and wicked away the fruits of my efforts nicely, keeping me feeling fresh. The shorts are very comfortable, although I have to say it had been a while since I’ve worn lycra shorts without bibs and I had concerns for anyone behind me in case they rode down to reveal any cleavage of a builder’s nature. Thankfully, due to the silicon grippers on the shorts and the edges of the jersey, no public indecency was noted. 

The Urban Luminite helmet was my favourite. Slightly lower at the back than a road helmet, it’s specifically designed as the name suggests for urban riders. It has built in reflectivity around this lower area and a removable cloth peak integrated into the front.

Other nice touches are the insect netting and a handy, rechargeable rear light that pops unobtrusively into the rear of the helmet to give even more opportunity to be visible. The ventilation is also good – I could feel what’s left of my hair moving inside at speed. The lid is surprisingly lightweight and has good sizing adjustment via a dial at the back.

I’ve been looking for a more protective hat for my gravel rides for a while and have found my MTB helmet a tad heavy and impractical. The Urban Luminite ticks all the boxes for me and I especially like the removable peak – the oil slick colour matches my stem bolts – so all I really have to decide is which colour to go for.

If you’re looking for practical, affordable and dare I say stylish kit for your longer commutes, weekend rides or whatever else you fancy, the Endura Xtract range fits the bill – you can mix it up with their more premium ranges without it looking out of place. All the Endura kit I have has given me years of dependable service and still looks great, although not necessarily, on me.

Big thanks to Andy for this great review! (And we think you look great). If you’ve made it this far and you want to check out the range for yourself then click the button below to see the full Endura line-up.

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