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Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme

Words by Balfes Bikes

on 28/07/2020 11:08:52


FREE £50 Fix Your Bike Government Voucher Scheme

What is this?

The scheme has been created by the government to allow anyone in England to apply for a free £50 bike repair voucher that can be used in order to get your bike back into working order and ready to ride again. Full services will need to be booked in advance but minor repairs can often be fixed on the spot in one of our four stores (see FAQ’s below for full details).

There are a limited number of vouchers available so don’t delay, you can register here.

What is the process?

1. From 11:45pm on 28th July 2020 you can apply for a £50 voucher on the Energy Saving Trusts Website here

2. Book the specific Free £50 Fix Your Bike Government Voucher Scheme Service on our website here or pop into one of our 10 stores which can be found here

3. Bring your bike and required form of ID into your chosen store ready to be fixed, using the voucher to cover up to £50 of the total cost of the repairs required

4. A colleague will talk through the repairs suggested and if you are in agreement they will proceed

5. Collect your bike and simply pay the difference if the repairs total more than £50

6. Enjoy riding your newly-serviced bike



What are these vouchers for? 

The vouchers have been created to encourage more people to embrace cycling, boost the number of commuting and leisure trips and promote an alternative to public transport or private car journeys.

How do I apply?

You can apply for a voucher here; they are limited in quantity so don’t miss out.

How do I book my bike in at Balfe’s Bikes?

You can book a service online here, or pop in to one of our four stores which can be found here.

What identification do I need to bring?

We will either need to see a valid driving license or one from the following list (Passport, National ID card (non-UK), Residence permit) combined with one from the following (Utility bill, council tax bill, mortgage statement, council rent card, benefit book).

How many vouchers can I apply for?

The vouchers are capped at two per household.

What types of bike are covered?

All types of bike are accepted.

What work does the scheme cover?

Eligible repairs may include:

- Repairing or replacing tyres, tubes, wheels and related components

- Adjusting, repairing or replacing braking system components

- Adjusting, repairing or replacing transmission system components eg. your gear mechanism or chain

- Repairing or replacing other essential components that prevent the bike from being used safely e.g. deteriorated grips or saddle

- Repairing or replacing components for permanently fitted lighting systems e.g. dynamo-powered lights

What if the repairs I need cost more of less than the value of the voucher?

If the repairs exceed the £50 voucher you will need to pay the surcharge in-store when you collect your bike. If the repairs are under £50  then your voucher will only cover the cost of the transaction. No exchange or alternative can be offered for the remaining balance.

Can I use the voucher against other products?

No, the voucher is only for bicycle repairs.

Can I use multiple vouchers on my bike?

No, only one voucher is permitted per bike.

How will my data be used?

Balfe’s Bikes processes customers’ personal data. We are also obliged to share data about customers who use the Fix Your Bike voucher scheme with the UK government in order that they can reconcile their records and validate who has used their voucher.

What are the terms & conditions for this scheme?

Full terms & conditions from the Department for Transport can be found here

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