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Turbo Trainer Buying Guide

Words by Balfes Bikes

on 04/11/2020 11:06:56


What is a Turbo Trainer?

A Turbo Trainer is an indoor training device which allows you to continue your cycling no matter the weather or season. You can integrate your bike and use this to train, using the connectivity features of the turbo trainer to track your measurements and metrics. With Smart trainers becoming more popular you can now train interactively and ride alongside your friends virtually using software such as Zwift or TrainerRoad. Here at Balfe’s Bikes we stock the best brands available including Tacx with their market-leading Neo Smart Trainer, Wahoo and their Kickr eco-system, Elite, Saris and more.

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Why do you need a Turbo Trainer?

A Turbo Trainer is an excellent training tool which allows you to enjoy a structured workout from the comfort of your own home. By connecting your bike to the trainer you can enjoy the same set-up you would when riding outdoors, but away from the bad weather and poor conditions, allowing you to focus on the workout. With many modern features becoming increasingly popular including interactive cycling with friends on Zwift and weekly races to join or workouts to complete, a turbo trainer is the perfect training tool.

What are the different types of Turbo Trainer?

Smart Trainers: These are now the most popular type of turbo trainer and can connect to your laptop, computer, phone and more to allow you to track your metrics as you train. They can connect to the internet and allow you to ride interactively using software such as Zwift and TrainerRoad.

Wahoo_KICKR CLIMB_ WFBKT5_cx hero monitor standing incline

Direct Drive Trainers: These Turbo Trainers connect directly to your bike through the rear hub for ultimate efficiency and accuracy.

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Magnetic  Trainers: Magnetic Turbo Trainers create resistance using magnetism. When the bike’s back wheel spins against the turbo trainer, the magnetic unit creates resistance which provides your workout.

Fluid Resistance Trainers: This type of Turbo Trainer makes use of a chamber filled with oil which allows for smoother transitioning of resistance and more gradual levels.

What Turbo Trainer Accessories do I need?

To aid your workout on your Turbo Trainer there are plenty of excellent accessories you can use:

- Turbo Trainer Mat


- Turbo Trainer Tyre

- Turbo Trainer Fan


- Turbo Trainer Sweat Cover

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