Garmin has expanded their GPS cycling computer range by introducing the Edge 540 and Edge 840.  

The new models will let you ride for longer and more efficiently by offering improved coaching, enhanced navigation, and solar charging options. Both models use technology already featured on the flagship model, the Edge 1040. 

  • Advanced GPS cycling computer with button controls combines superior navigation, planning and performance tracking, cycling awareness and smart connectivity. Find your way in the most challenging environments with multi-band GNSS technology that enhances positional accuracy. 
  • Battery life: in demanding use cases, get up to 26 hours or up to 32 hours with solar charging in direct sunlight (75,000 lux); in battery saver mode, get up to 42 hours or up to 60 hours with solar charging in direct sunlight (75,000 lux); during daytime rides, solar adds up to 25 minutes per hour in battery saver mode. 
  • See remaining ascent and grade when climbing so you can gauge your effort with the ClimbPro ascent planner, now available on every ride — no course required; view on your Edge® device and in the Garmin Connect™ app on your smartphone for ride planning 
  • Get stamina insights while you ride, so you can keep an eye on how much longer you can really push it when paired with your compatible power meter and heart rate monitor 
  • View daily suggested workouts and training prompts on screen; based on your event, get personalised coaching that adapts to your current training load and recovery when riding with a compatible power meter and heart rate monitor 
  • Classify your strengths as a cyclist, and compare your cycling ability to the demands of a specific course, so you can focus your training and improvement in the right areas when paired with your compatible power meter and heart rate monitor 
  • Manage your efforts with the power guide feature, which recommends power targets throughout a course, when paired with your compatible power meter 
  • A simplified setup and a streamlined interface make it quick and easy to access the information, courses and tools you need and even adjust data fields right from the Edge® device or from your paired smartphone  
  • Stay on top of your training programme with prompts to avoid missing workouts  
  • Ride like a local, whatever your bike type, with improved ride type-specific maps that highlight popular roads and trails plus searchable points of interest 

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