When it comes to keeping your bike secure there is a considerable choice. How do you select the lock that is right for your needs? One factor to consider is whether the lock meets the minimum-security requirements stipulated by your insurance company. Not all insurance companies will insist on this but when they do you will need to make sure the lock meets the minimum standard otherwise you will invalidate your policy. 

At Balfe’s Bikes, we have teamed up with Sundays Insurance to offer comprehensive cover for bicycles and e-bikes to keep your pride and joy safe and secure. You have the choice of utilising the 30 days of complimentary insurance coverage when you buy a bike from us. * 

Sundays Insurance will cover your bike for: 

  • Accidental and crash damage to your bike 
  • Malicious damage 
  • Theft from and away from your home 
  • Bike hire reimbursement 
  • New for old for life 

To satisfy their criteria you will need:  

A Sold Secure Silver rated lock for bikes purchased for under £999 

A Sold Secure Gold rated lock for bikes purchased for £1,000 or more 

Not all locks are designed for use with the bike away from your home. Ground anchors or wall locks are designed to be installed and used in isolation or in conjunction with another lock for additional security. 

The most popular locks for taking with you to lock your bike up at work, the shops or café include cable, locks, wearable locks, D-Locks or chain locks. To help guide you through the various locks and solutions to keep your bike safe, you can read our blog – locks for all occasions. This will help you navigate the choices and find the right lock for your bike, needs and budget.  

* Cover must be activated within 10 days of purchasing your new bike 

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