The first generation of the Levo SL changed the game for E-MTB’s. The second generation raises the bar again – the Specialized Levo SL Gen 2 is their best trail bike yet. It just happens to have a motor.

The number one goal for Specialized was to provide a bike with the best possible ride quality on the trail. They set about creating a bike with unparalleled handling, capability and personalisation and then boosted the experience with their natural feeling, fully integrated and super quiet Turbo SL 1.2 system. The ultimate trail bike now comes equipped with the power to ride more trails.

The geometry of the new Levo SL is based around the trail slaying, confidence inspiring Stumpjumper Evo and is supremely adjustable. The head angle can be changed to 3 different settings depending on the type of terrain you’re riding, and can also be run either as a mixed wheel size or full 29” bike thanks to a flip-chip at the rear pivot.

The suspension kinematics of the Levo SL Gen 2 have been redesigned to deliver a playful yet efficient ride on the trails. A more rearward defined axle path ensures peppy pedalling and climbing behaviour, while a lower leverage ratio provides improved small-bump and mid-stroke sensitivity (still with plenty of progression to smash some big hits with purpose).

The Levo SL comes with 150mm of rear travel, and 160mm up front on all but the S1 size which features 144mm on the rear and 150mm in the front to maximise standover height.

You can also fit a reservoir coil shock to the s2 – s6 sizes, though Specialized recommend that you’ll get the best feel and performance from the original Rx tuned shock. (When changing out the shock, be aware that some models of shock may not be compatible with the frame due to the position of the reservour, size and /or other factors).

While this IS an electric bike, this truly is an epic trail bike first and foremost. However it would be remiss of us to exclude info on the updated Turbo SL 1.2 system, so with that in mind check out the details below!

Turbo SL 1.2 System

The new system provides 43% more torque (5oNm) and 33% more power than its predecessor. A fully integrated 320Wh battery with the ability to add a range extender if desired provides plenty of opportunities for some big days in the saddle.

2x You rider amplification and industry leading motor efficiency gives you the power to ride more trails!

MasterMind TCU

The MasterMind Turbo Control Unit is an elegant, integrated system that allows you to control how your bike, motor and battery all interact. Connect your system hardware to the Mission Control App for the ultimate in tuneability.

This is definitely one of the most exciting e-bike releases of the year, and has got us fired up to go hit the trails!

If you want to check out the bike in person, we will have the Comp model available at our Gatwick & Reigate stores shortly. Black or Orange available!

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