We’ve been putting the new Trek Velocis Road Cycling Helmet through its paces. Read on further to get our thoughts:

The new Trek Velocis Road Cycling helmet is a mix of style and substance. It looks built for speed, comfort, and protection but with a fair degree of panache. 

Out of the box you are immediately struck by how good the helmet looks. Sleek and fast, are adjectives that are confirmed when you wear the helmet. The integrated MIPS Air safety system is light yet not intrusive. You can adjust the fit easily by using the single-lace BOA fit system. 

To keep you fresh whilst riding Trek has improved the ventilation and the air channels to keep the rider comfortable.  

If you need to remove your glasses, there are rubberised docking ports to ensure they stay in place while riding. Trek has even created a bevelled front edge, designed to improve your field of vision when riding on the hoods or drops. 

That is the official spiel but what is the real-world experience? 

Putting the Velocis on is unobtrusive, the helmet slides on quickly without the feeling of bulk or weight. The under-chin strap has the expected buckle, and the strap is easy enough to adjust. If there is one criticism here, it is the length of the strap, but this can be tucked away or cut if too long.  

On rides packed with plenty of climbing the Velocis allows plenty of air to circulate, keeping you cool and preventing the build-up of heat. Billed as Trek’s lightest helmet it certainly lives up this tag. Helmet on, buckle done up and within a few pedal strokes, you could be forgiven for thinking you had forgotten to put your helmet on. 

The integrated MIPS Air Safety system sits very comfortably on the back of your head and can be easily adjusted on the fly by using the BOA. It doesn’t dig in either which I have experienced with some brands.

The helmet has been used continuously for weeks now, riding a mix of long and short rides, some more strenuous than others.

It is light and sits very comfortably once adjusted. There is no obstruction of my view when riding on the hoods or in the drops. The flow of air allows you to feel fresh, I know summer has yet to arrive in earnest but my initial feelings are that this is a hugely impressive helmet. It will be my go-to without a doubt and Trek has done a great job on the colours too.

The Velocis offers everything you would expect from a top-of-the-range road helmet. Performance and substance with a large dollop of style. The blend of colours makes for a stunning lid to top off any outfit. 

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