As a Sales Assistant, it is your job to help customers identify and purchase products they require / desire.

Sales Specialist are required to have an in-depth understanding of all company products and services, along with a high level of skills and industry knowledge.

At Balfe’s Bikes, we are a small company with big aspirations. Our mission is to continuously upskill our workforce and attract like-minded new starters who want a career within the industry but up until now perhaps have been uncertain quite how to go about it.

At Balfe’s, it is all about people. And bikes! It is the passion, energy and enthusiasm of all our colleagues throughout the business which makes Balfe’s a great place to work.

From Cytech Technical Courses to specific supplier courses, such as Brompton, Bosch, Shimano and Fazua we will ensure your skills are constantly developed.

To find out more about the roles, view the full job descriptions below.

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