Specialized recently released the updated Camber helmet. While sitting at their entry level price point, this is in no way a “cheap” feeling helmet. Brody from our Bike Building team at HQ has been wearing the Camber for a while and shares his thoughts below!

As a entry-level helmet the Camber is a fantastic lid that provides maximum protection, great value for money, high quality build, decent comfort and MIPS (though it is missing an adjustable visor as the one on the Camber is fixed in position).

I’ve been testing out the Camber for a few weeks now and so far I’m really enjoying it!

The Protection

I have used the helmet on a variety of rides and have found the big air vents keep me cool on my morning commute so I’m not a sweaty mess when I get into work. It has also been with me on my E-bike adventures in the forest so it’s great to see this helmet can be fitted with Specialized’s ANGI crash sensor, meaning any heavy fall could be detected and my location would be sent to a emergency contact. However the sensor is an added extra of £45.

The padding in the helmet is very minimal which I really like as it makes cleaning quick and easy, and once on snug the helmet feels like an extension of yourself. Less padding doesn’t mean less protection either – the low profile padding combined with MIPS technology means you’re well protected if the worst happens.

The Visor

The only slight downside for me is the visor does not move so during those summer rides it might be advised to put a pair of sunglasses on.

And on the point of glasses, if you need to wear them when riding like I do, I did find the chin strap pushed my glasses forward at times (and also caught on my earing) but obviously everyone’s head is different shape wise so this was just my personal experience!

Thanks very much Brody for sharing your thoughts – we’re glad you’re loving the Camber helmet! And if you’re reading this and would like to try one for yourself then please click the button below.

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