The all-new E-Caliber from Trek combines the performance of a Supercaliber with a Fazua pedal-assist to create the ultimate mountain biking experience.

There’s a gulf of difference between a fast, lightweight, full suspension XC mountain bike and the majority of eMTB’s out there. The former provides an incredibly nimble ride and the latter are suited to more heavy-hitting trail or enduro applications.

What Trek has done with the E-Caliber is to take their award and race-winning Supercaliber and combine it with a smooth and lightweight pedal-assist unit, so the original responsive ride feel is retained, but you can go further and ride for longer.

This is Trek’s lightest full-suspension electric mountain bike ever, with the top-end model weighing in at just 15.9kg. 

Trek’s exclusive IsoStrut shock system provides 60mm of rear suspension travel to take the sting out of the trail and keep traction over rocks and roots.

E-Caliber has a 120mm RockShox or Fox fork depending on the model, which is more trail and sit down e-assist friendly than the 100mm found on the Supercaliber.

An ultra-smooth and lightweight pedal-assist come courtesy of Fazua. It has ‘Black Pepper’ 2.0’ mountain bike specific motor software providing 55Nm of torque and 3 different riding modes for a range of up to 40 miles.

Breeze gives you a gentle and constant 100w tailwind, River is progressive and sporty and smoothly matches what you put in up to 210w, and Rocket punches out aggressive assistance up to 250w even with moderate rider input.

E-Caliber is like 2 bikes in one. Should you wish to you can easily drop out the motor and battery unit and replace it with the supplied hollow downtube cover.

This loses 2.9kg of weight and leaves you with a bike that rides just like a normal Supercaliber, but with nice storage space for food, repair kit and tools.

If you’ve ever looked at a distant hill and wished you had the energy to go further, the lightweight E-Caliber is your dream electric mountain bike.

This all-new eMTB has an appetite for distance, a big dose of XC speed, and just the right assistance and suspension to dial up your endurance on long cross country rides.

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