We have recently contacted all of our relevant customers regarding a recent Brompton Electric bike recall. If you purchased your Brompton elsewhere then no problem – we are happy to help, please contact one of our stores directly and they can assist you regarding the recall. View our stores here

Brompton has issued the following statement regarding a voluntary recall on specific Electric models:

Through our continual quality assurance processes, we have become aware of an issue with the Firmware installed on some Brompton Electric bicycles. This affects models which were manufactured, or had Firmware updates, between May 2020 and February 2021.

Under specific circumstances, if a system failure occurs, there is a low possibility that the electric system may continue to provide assistance to the motor, causing continued forward momentum, when the rider is not actively pedalling. The risk of an accident occurring is very low with only one reported minor fault, which did not result in any injury or accident.

Please note that applying the brakes will bring the bike to a stop. The battery should then be switched off or removed to prevent the motor from providing continued assistance.

Although the risk of an accident occurring is very low we have begun a programme to repair all affected bikes and upgrade the Firmware to Version 1-2-10-2, free of charge, to all affected customers; note that this free update is available until 1st September 2021.”

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