Specialized’s S-Works Helmet range has adorned the heads of some of the biggest names in road cycling for many years, and we’re excited to share that the latest incarnations of the Prevail and Evade helmets have finally arrived.

More ventilation, better safety, improved aesthetics – the new range has it all. Find out more below.

S-Works Prevail III

The S-Works Prevail and later Prevail II are a well-recognised and much loved in the road cycling scene, and Specialized claim that the Prevail III is the best ventilated helmet they’ve ever made.

The new Prevail is the perfect do-it-all helmet and offers superior ventilation compared to the previous models. By removing the air-blocking foam bridges from the centre of the helmet and creating thru-air channels, Specialized have increased the surface area ventilation by a pretty incredible 25.5% compared to the Prevail II.

This is a helmet that will excel in hot conditions, on strenuous climbs and big mountain stages!

The woven aramid “cables” that traverse the helmet are anchored to carbon fiber side panels. When impacted, the AirCage technology works as a suspension bridge and distributes localised forces throughout the helmet.

Plus, this is by far the best looking version of the Prevail to date. Removing the exposed foam that features on the Prevail II has created a super streamlined helmet that has taken road cycling aesthetics to the next level.


  • Innovative aircage that increases airflow
  • Full-wrap polycarbonate shell for increased durability and a premium finish
  • MIPS Air Node technology. Their most ventilation focused solution!
  • Adjustable tri-fix web splitter allows for a comfortable, personalised fit
  • Occipital base adjustment optimises comfort and provides compatibility with glasses
  • Angi-ready mindset fit system gives improved grip and reaction for easy on-the-go fit
  • 5-Star Virginia Tech Helmet Rating

S-Works Evade III

The S-Works Evade is a helmet created for going fast. And now the most aero helmet in the peloton has had an upgrade! Reinvented from the inside out, the Evade III now offers 10% more ventilation while retaining all of its leading aero performance. Through extensive testing, Specialized developed the helmet’s rear “diffuser” to help minimise drag from the additional ventilation flowing through the front of the helmet.

Riders have always loved the Evade helmet for its aero prowess, but the feedback has always been that if they could just make it a bit cooler it would elevate the Evade to the next level. We think Specialized have done an incredible job making this request a reality.

And the slimline fit of the helmet looks spot on too!


  • Enlarged front vents increase ventilation
  • Rear diffuser ads aero and ventilation benefits
  • MIPS Air Node: MIPS most ventilation-focused solution yet
  • Adjustable tri-fix web splitter boosts comfort & provides personalised fit
  • Full-wrap polycarbonate shell for increased durability & premium finish
  • 5-Star Virginia Tech Helmet Rating

Both helmets feature the following:

MIPS Air Node

Integrated directly into the helmet padding, with a sleek low friction layer designed to dissipate rotational forces. With Specialized’s proprietary development work they added perforations to maximise breathability, performance, comfort & weight savings!

Both helmets have been given a 5-Star Virginia Tech Helmet Rating.

Occipital Base Adjustment

Optimises comfort by personalizing fit to individual head shape. The helmet angle can also be optimised to make it more compatible with glasses than ever.

Tri-Fix Webbing:

An adjustable Tri-Fix web system further personalizes the fit and comfort of each helmet. The straps have been reduced in size, now at a thinner 10mm which helps to minimise strap noise.

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