Kids Bike Sizing Guide

What about children’s bike sizing?

You don’t want to make the mistake of buying a bicycle that is too big so they “grow into it” as it can be quite unsafe! We sell specific children’s bikes such as Frog Bikes that have plenty of adjustments to allow the bike to grow with the rider, but the key thing is that they are in control for safety, and comfortable so they get the bike-riding bug!

Whilst kid’s bikes are measured by wheel size instead of frame size, the method is the same as for an adult’s bike – measure your child’s inseam using the book and pencil trick. Then look at the information for the bicycle on our website and/or geometry chart and add around 2”-4” of clearance. Many brands such as Frog Bikes give an age indicator but we still suggest checking the inseam if possible as children grow at different rates, and come in all shapes and sizes!

As a rough guide, we have compiled a handy table below for reference which gives a suggestion based on your child’s age and height.

What is your child’s height?Your suggested wheel sizeAge Range
Feet/InchesCentimetresSuggested Wheel SizeSuggested Age
up to 3’Up to 90cmBalance BikeUnder 2 years
3’ – 3’5”90 – 105cm12” wheel2-4 years
3’5” – 3’9”105 – 118cm14-16” wheel4-7 years
3’9” – 4’5”118 – 135cm18-20” wheel7-10 years
4’5” – 5’135 – 150cm24” wheel10-13 years
5’+150cm +26” wheel13 years +

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