Inspiring your kids to ride a bike is just about to get easier. The launch of the new kids’ bike from Specialized, the Jett is set to inspire the next generation of riders.

Besides looking cool and coming in a range of captivating colours, the bike has some key features for kids and parents alike. The essentials, making it light and fast have been achieved with some significant extras.

It will be a long-lasting product, not just robustly but able to fit your child for longer by making it proportionally correct but with the ability to make changes to the bike’s setup. Specialized used Retul technology to conduct a study measuring fit and how these change as kids grow.

The study identified ‘fit challenges’ with the cranks being too wide, cranks being too long, a high stack and the riding position opening the shoulders too far. So Specialized went away and decided this needed to change. As part of identifying the correct fit, they looked at the growth of kids over a 30-month period, to see what changes took place.

This data was used to define minimum and maximum touchpoints with the benefit of making the bike fit for longer. Now, this may sound like the plan is to sell bikes that are too big and allow the kids to grow into it, not so.

The Jett is different.

There will be different wheel sizes available, 20” and 24” multi-speed or 16” and 20” singlespeed options, allowing you to get the right bike for your child.

The innovation doesn’t stop there, certain aspects are adjustable which will tweak the fit without compromising safety. 2-hole positions for the cranks on multi-speed bikes, a long seat post and adjustable handlebars for extended reach. The bike fit research showed that kids grow faster in their arms and legs than their torso, so Specialized has built a bike that can accommodate average growth for up to 3 summers. Clever stuff but that’s not all.

The Jett is more proportional, narrower grip diameter, narrower Q-Factor cranks, a kid’s specific bridge saddle and short-reach brake levers. Narrower grips allow the young riders to build confidence as they can comfortably steer and control the bike. All of this has been allied with a fast, lightweight fork and frame.

What does this mean? A correct fit for the now and for the future, there doesn’t have to be a compromise for your little one’s enjoyment or safety. The Jett will let them create their own adventures.

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