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Balfe's Bikes

Courtesy Bikes Available at Balfe's Bikes

Riding your bicycle is a choice and many of our customers choose to rely on their bikes as their number one form of transport. It makes sense to us to lend you our bikes while we have yours. We have put together a small fleet of good quality hybrids. Each bike comes equipped with mudguards and a rack.

Our courtesy bikes are free to use to our customers who are having their bikes serviced with us, if they are reserved in advance and are available. There is no charge for the hire but whilst under the customers’ care of duty they are your responsibility. If they are stolen or are damaged beyond repair the cost to you, the customer is £400. When lending them we debit £1 from your debit or credit card, to be deducted from your service when you collect your bicycle. Any damage is chargeable at our normal workshop rates. We can lend you a lock but recommend you use your own as well. We also require our bikes back within 48 hours of you being notified of the completion of the work to your own bicycle. Otherwise our rental fees apply of £20 per day. Like all bikes, you may be unfortunate enough to suffer a puncture or some other form of mechanical breakdown. We shall do what we can in these instances to help you but we are unlikely to be able to come out and fix it, so you will have to fix it yourself or find a shop who can do it for you. In such instances, unless something is wrong with the bike already, we won’t be able to reimburse you the cost of repair. It is the random nature of punctures and mechanical failures which occasionally strikes us all down.